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  Some news about American Emperor President Obama ????

Obama gives us some fibs well no lies about Universal Health Care.

And just some generic news About Obama the American Emperor.

How do you spell hypocrite? Wow! Obama wants to cut the deficit! Honest! He is not lying! Honest! (well fingers crossed)

Wow even socialists dislike Obama for his Bush like policies.

Who says bribes are illegal? Opps! They are not bribes they are called campaign contributions! Bribes, campaign contributions who cares what you call them it’s payback time!

Obama says that if you re-elect him in 2012 he will give you lots of free stuff!!!!

Obama attempts to blacklist Fox News

The people who protect the American Emperor - the Secret Service

237 members of Congress are millionaires

Obama shovels the BS in the State of the Union Speech

Fly near the President's home get shot down?

Sadly most politicians are liars and will say anthing to get elected. In this article Paul Ryan the Republican Vice Presidential candidate in 2012 lies about his marathon time and shaves an hour off of it.

In the article he claims to have ran the marathon in two hour and fifty-something. Turns out he lied and ran it in 4 hours.

Yea, sure who cares. But if he is going to lie about his he is going to lie about his plans on what he will do if elected.

Billboard paints Obama as a gay gangster? I don't know or care about the gay part, but Obama is certainly a gangster.

Check out these articles about the 2012 Presidential elections.

If you are tired of having an American Emperor maybe you should vote for Ron Paul

Obama says he can murder anybody he wants to

According to this article President Obama claims he is justified in murdering anybody that HE considers a threat to the security of the United States, which includes murdering Americans.

This article contains the full text of a white paper which presents the Obama administration's case for the lawful killing of U.S. citizens abroad who are involved with al-Qaida, reigniting a debate over presidential power that raged during much of the George W. Bush administration. NBC released a PDF of the 16-page white paper liberally embossed with watermarks of the outlet's logo on each page.

Obama claims to be a bigger war monger then Mitt Romney???

According to the following video from Obama's reelection campaign President Obama seems to be saying he is a bigger war monger then his opponent Mitt Romney!!

Vote for me and I will give you free stuff!!!!

Vote for me and I will give you free stuff.

I don't agree with this, but sadly that's how government works. You promise free stuff to your special interest groups and hope enough of them show up to vote so they can get their free stuff after they vote for you.

In fact the Founders talked about this in the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers. I believe that is why they initially only let property owners vote in elections.

The theory was that since only property owners were paying Federal taxes, they would not become of block of people voting for politicians who would steal stuff from other people and give it to them.

Drones Kill

Here is an interesting cartoon about Obama's killer drones.

Remember that President Barak Obama's favorite murder weapon are Air Force drones.

It's pretty easy to get away with murder when you are having an Air Force drone pilot in Las Vegas, Nevada at Nellis Air Force Base murder innocent women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Atheist Billboards at Presidential Conventions

According to these article the atheist billboards put up at the Republican and Democratic National Presidential Conventions had to be removed because of threats of violence against the employees of the billboard companies.

Boy those Christians are a bunch of hypocrites. They preach love and peace, but they threaten to kill anybody that doesn't believe in their Jesus God.

Danae has got the talent and skills to be a professional politician

Danae has got the talent and skills to be a professional politician


Mexican President Felipe Calderon goes to Harvard???

Want to give former Mexican President Felipe Calderon a piece of your mind about his insane "war on drugs" in which 50,000+ Mexicans have been murdered? He can be found at Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts after his term of Mexican President ends!!!

Here are some articles about Felipe Calderon's new job as a teacher at Harvard.

Felipe Calderón irá a Harvard en 2013

¿Quieres hablar con Felipe Calderón sobre su locura "guerra contra las drogas"? Felipe Calderón se encuentra en la Universidad de Harvard en Cambridge, Massachusetts después de este sábado cuando se sale de México.

Aquí están algunos artículos sobre él.

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  • Obama's Presidential Party Crashed
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  • George W. Bush get punished on "Game of Thrones" for his war crimes.

    American war criminal Geroge W. Bush's head on a stake

  • From this article it sounds like the Secret Service, like most American police agencies is corrupt to the core. But sadly most Americans are not informed enough to realize that.
  • From this article it sounds like American Presidents and their families will be treated like Emperors for life.
  • More articles on the American Emperor, President Barack Obama!!!
  • More articles on the American Emperor, President Barack Obama!!!
  • More articles on the American Emperor, President Barack Obama!!!
  • More articles on the American Emperor, President Barack Obama!!!
  • According to this article Emperor Obama's trip to Africa is going to cost the American taxpayers $60 to $100 million.

    Sadly the modern American Emperors live in a state of luxury with police state protections that that a real royal Roman Emperor could have never dreamed about.


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